The firm was established in 1972 by George Ieronimakis and manufactured metal constructions.

Since 1988 the firm was relocated to its proper facilities in Rouf area in Athens and began to specialize in stainless steel constructions for naval and civil architecture purposes. During the 90s’ and after years of research and studies on stainless steel, Ieronimakis Inox S.A. has set the ground for high standard and quality stainless steel architectural constructions. By subcontracting some of Greece’s most important projects and by constantly renewing its machinery equipment, in 2002 a new advanced technology laser-cut machine was purchased in order to correspond to the production needs of that time but also to provide laser-cut services and special shape forms to constructions that were difficult to produce otherwise.
In 2000 Ieronimakis Inox is certified with EN ISO (9001:2008 at present) which is renewed every 3 years and complies with all the environmental legislations against pollution and industrial waste treatment.
In 2005 a world first comes with the spiral metal stairway construction patent. In 2012 another patent was registered by Ieronimakis Inox for a special stainless steel garbage bin.
In 2008 our second production unit is created in Thiva’s industrial Area in Voiotia, where wedge wire screens are manufactured. Next big goal for Ieronimakis Inox is to start exporting its high quality products all over the world. The latest technology CNC machines installed can produce high quality wedge wire screens and meshes and the specialized staff assures that only the best possible products are delivered to our clients.

In 2011 Ieronimakis Inox starts the installation of its products and undertakes some very important projects like the "Tour F" (The French Army Building), the "Tour TOTAL", the "Tour Majunga" and last but not least the "Louis Vuitton Foundation" in Paris.

Nowadays our exporting activity to Europe, the Middle East and overseas rates Ieronimakis Inox among the top Stainless Steel Industries and our collaborations with some of the most important companies of the Industry shows the capacities and integrity of our firm.