Offices group of shipping company Aggemar in Kallithea

The building of Aggemar surprise....

An imposing and yet original building was constructed by the Aggelikousi group of companies in order to accomodate its head office. The original idea is taken from the architects Rena Sakellaridou and Morpho Papanikolaou who gave to the building a fluid structural form.  Ieronimakis Inox company again sealed its presence with the stainless constructions of the building giving value to detail following all the corrugated forms of the building. Apart from the usual object innovates with the construction of the frame of marble cladding exclusively in stainless steel (230tn) designed from the first to the last piece in 3d Model Solidworks. This gave us the opportunity for excellent construction and quick installation to the project. The completion of a project like "aggemar" armed the Ieronimakis Inox quiver and affirmed its potential for projects of such high standards.